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  • They were a creation of those who were very holy and close to God.
  • Once a person has been declared a saint, the body of the saint is considered holy.
  • Why should students and men of learning be expected to be holier than other people? Cited from The Coming of the Friars, by Augustus Jessopp
  • In the Holy Roman Empire, some cities had no other lord than the emperor.
  • There has been no holier man in these parts, Sir, these many years. Cited from The Brook Kerith, by George Moore
  • By contrast, among some Indian holy men, the hair is worn extremely long.
  • The Holy See and the states with limited recognition are non-parties.
  • God has made it our highest, holiest duty to dress the soul he has given us. Cited from Aims and Aids for Girls and Young Women, by George Sumner Weaver
  • "Can a man fight in a holier cause than to free his country?" Cited from The Path of the King, by John Buchan
  • The holiest of all work for a mother is to care for her child. Cited from The True Woman, by Justin D. Fulton
  • The mountain is believed to have served as a holy place in prehistoric times.
  • His image can be found in both their Holy See and on the home altar.
  • The home was then purified with holy water to ensure they never came back.
  • The holiest temple beneath the stars is a home that love has built. Cited from Lectures Of Col. Ingersoll, V1, by R. G. Ingersoll
  • The church does not use the term "holy orders."
  • There was a sacred spring from which water had to be drawn in silence, it was so holy.
  • However, the main objective quickly became the control of the Holy Land.
  • These funds were previously managed by the Special Administration of the Holy See.
  • In this holy of holies we feel his love, and it is there we see his face. Cited from Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, the Martyr Missionary, John Kline
  • Her eyes, beautiful with a passion of the highest and holiest love, looked full into his. Cited from Temporal Power, by Marie Corelli
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Meaning of Holy

  • adjective Belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power