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  • It was the final episode produced for the previous season and aired during the third season as a holdover.
  • The machine has, long before this, taken stock of those twenty holdover Senators. Cited from California's 1909 Legislature by Franklin Hichborn
  • He is the only holdover from Michael's criminal operations who is still close to Michael.
  • This last point is a holdover from earlier times.
  • Smith, the only holdover from the old WBMG, left the station after a few months.
  • The album was said on Sputnik Music to be a holdover until their next album release.
  • Morrissey initially planned to release a second album after releasing a few holdover singles.
  • Their last hope is Drake, an ancient holdover, who may have ideas new to them - namely war.
  • Industry was very strong, a holdover from the Mixed economic structure of Yugoslavia.
  • One holdover is the use of (younger brother to a male) and (younger brother to a female).
  • This may be a holdover from an earlier time when Jewish people were not allowed to have mezuzot.
  • In a holdover from the old boys-only days, some districts have a Ladies Auxiliary.
  • Crawford Square has also retained its cistern, a holdover from early fire fighting practices.
  • This leaves twenty-seven machine votes to be divided among twelve of the holdover Senators, about two votes on an average each. Cited from California's 1909 Legislature by Franklin Hichborn
  • Despite their history, they essentially were an expansion team, as there was just one holdover from the Cougars.
  • Killbane is very self-centered, always thinking of himself before anybody else - a holdover from the days at the project.
  • As a holdover from the old heathen religion, she appears to have been demonized by the new faith.
  • The title is in fact a holdover from an entirely different show that Solon had planned to perform with a male partner.
  • Holdover begins when the clock output no longer reflects the influence of a connected external reference, or transition from it.
  • The term implies that the software in question is a holdover from card-punch days. Cited from The Hackers' Dictionary of Computer Jargon
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  • noun An official who remains in office after his term