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  • The rail lines helped develop what had hitherto been an undeveloped country.
  • A short straight then brought the circuit back to Clearways at much higher speed than hitherto.
  • If so, this would represent a hitherto unknown behavior for vent fish species.
  • Hitherto we need two more equations to close the model.
  • Families that hitherto had financially supported religious community institutions such as hospitals and schools stop doing so.
  • Railways made it possible to supply larger numbers of troops than hitherto and allowed the rapid movement of troops within friendly territory.
  • The High Commission had hitherto operated out of a hotel.
  • It was hitherto unknown that these remains were Buddhist, and this I only discovered last season.
  • It much reduced the size of the hitherto bulky players designed for use in moving cars, in particular.
  • My hitherto secret preoccupation with writing poems, which has now come to light, is another form of making.
  • These new carriages all had single windows but the waist of the coach was much lower than hitherto.
  • El calls that his son's name hitherto has been Yaw, a personal name.
  • The band now expanded their sound into hitherto uncharted areas.
  • Hitherto, it has led to the publication of several articles in legal and philosophical journal.
  • Then began for the African Church an era of persecution of a kind hitherto unknown.
  • Hitherto the railway had been run as a department of the government, and was subject to the normal civil service rules and requirements.
  • However, the nationalist parties have hitherto obtained only minority electoral support at election time.
  • The town, hitherto a small domestic trade port with restricted trade, was granted extensive privileges including foreign trade.
  • He was of the view that tourism would act as catalyst of change, opening up a hitherto closed society.
  • He had hitherto not seen any playing time with the Spurs.
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