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  • He added over four thousand words which hitherto had no record of translation.
  • The war had hitherto not been carried into their door-yards.
  • They got admission forms filled from such children who hitherto were not going to schools.
  • Each member undertook to research an area of knowledge hitherto little known to Western culture.
  • The risk would, at least, be personal, as we have hitherto there no trade to lose.
  • It had hitherto been thought that these areas lacked the materials necessary for star formation.
  • Italy hitherto had access to these areas under various protection treaties, but not direct rule.
  • Hitherto, only the same or heavier elements had been produced by the process.
  • But four or five years more passed before his fortune, which had hitherto been indifferent, turned.
  • What had hitherto been the small Catholic classroom was made into a teaching material room.
  • Five years later, an attack by the Nama ended his hitherto successful project.
  • Hitherto on the screen, he has been characterized or presented only as a comedy character.
  • We shall speak against slavery, as we have hitherto done.
  • This comes from a hitherto unknown entry in a church book.
  • Then we return to the medium shot used hitherto.
  • Hitherto, classes had only been held in the winter.
  • In 1994, the hitherto town-owned museum was turned into a foundation under civil law.
  • The hitherto very jagged table hill was now surrounded with high walls.
  • The past two decades have seen an increase in violence in the hitherto largely peaceful city.
  • Instead, they would open hitherto undreamed of opportunities to do new things.
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