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  • The heavy door hissed closed behind them as they settled to the floor. Cited from Islands of Space, by John W Campbell
  • They fell with a hissing sound upon the water and along the shore. Cited from Jess of the Rebel Trail, by H. A. Cody
  • The best he can do with it is to prevent its being hissed off the stage. Cited from The Schemes of the Kaiser, by Juliette Adam
  • One man alone up at a window remains covered; the crowd hiss him. Cited from Paris under the Commune, by John Leighton
  • He hissed through his teeth as if he were working very hard. Cited from The Last Hope, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • He bent toward me and hissed these words in my very face. Cited from The Darrow Enigma, by Melvin L. Severy
  • He set his teeth, and his voice hissed through them, losing all its natural music. Cited from The Waters of Edera, by Louise de la Ramee [AKA Ouida]
  • "He has done well not to come in here to-day!" he hissed. Cited from Mystery of the Yellow Room, by Gaston Leroux
  • It would kill me to see him brought before a hissing crowd to be tried for his life. Cited from The Fatal Glove, by Clara Augusta Jones Trask
  • I suppose they paid for their places, as well as he and his party did, who hissed. Cited from The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18), ed. by Walter Scott
  • He hissed out the word size, drawing it as long as his breath would hold. Cited from Queer Stories for Boys and Girls, by Edward Eggleston
  • And we don't lower the hand until the hisses are stopped.
  • If your aunt shows herself in the streets she will be hissed. Cited from The White Sister, by F. Marion Crawford
  • If they had not been thinking so much about Joe they might have heard the hissing sound. Cited from The Story of a Nodding Donkey, by Laura Lee Hope
  • After this, another person came, and I asked him of the number of those who hissed. Cited from True Story of My Life, by Hans Christian Andersen
  • And she could hiss too, if that were the correct thing to do. Cited from The Wings of the Morning, by Louis Tracy
  • He drew in his breath quickly and with a hissing sound after every sentence. Cited from The Light in the Clearing, by Irving Bacheller
  • More than once a few words hissed into Peter's ears made him turn pale. Cited from The Purple Heights, by Marie Conway Oemler
  • The strange man let out a hissing sound between his teeth. Cited from The Mansion of Mystery, by Chester K. Steele
  • It was too dark to see the water below, but he heard the hard rain hissing on its surface. Cited from A Dog with a Bad Name, by Talbot Baines Reed
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Meaning of hiss

  • noun A fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)
    the performers could not be heard over the hissing of the audience
  • verb Make a sharp hissing sound, as if to show disapproval
  • verb Move with a whooshing sound
  • verb Express or utter with a hiss