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  • They are hispid above, pale brown coloured while their beak is in length.
  • The rare Hispid hare has also been reported from the park.
  • Hispid cotton rats are mainly nocturnal, but activity has been observed at all hours.
  • In Texas male hispid cotton rats also had larger home ranges than females.
  • They also have flat leaf-blades which are long by wide and have scaberulous and hispid surface.
  • Surface is hispid because of the large amount of diactines.
  • Male hispid cotton rats exhibit a lower degree of habitat selectivity than females.
  • Hispid cotton rats occur in grassy areas or early-successional habitats within open woods.
  • Sand pine scrub has little ground cover and is marginal habitat for hispid cotton rats.
  • Hispid cotton rats are omnivorous, but the major portion of their diet consists of green vegetation.
  • The stigmas of the long-styled form are shorter, stouter, and far more hispid than in the other form. Cited from Different Forms of Flowers, by Charles Darwin #19]
  • Populations in the northern part of hispid cotton rat range experience dramatic declines in the nonbreeding season.
  • There are many small animals like fox squirrels, hispid cotton rats, soft-shelled turtles and others too numerous to mention.
  • The name refers to the hispid surface of the sponge.
  • In the northernmost parts of hispid cotton rat range, severe weather is associated with rapid population declines and local extinctions.
  • They are also flat, linear and have an adaxial bottom which is hispid and tipped.
  • Hispid cotton rats occupy a wide variety of habitats within their range, but are not randomly distributed among microhabitats.
  • The terrestrial plants are erect, nearly simple, more or less hispid throughout, with lanceolate leaves and short petioles, often nearly sessile. Cited from Species and Varieties, by Hugo DeVries
  • During life the surface has numerous long slender spines that are broken on dead or fossil shells, the short blunt remnants resulting in a hispid surface.
  • When diverse and mobile predators are present, they are more important than food, social interaction, or weather in limiting hispid cotton rat density.
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