his sidekick

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  • With his sidekick, he tries to find her, but they could not find her.
  • His sidekick, Plue, was also designed much earlier when he was in high school.
  • He has little regard for the well-being of others and often demeans his sidekicks and guests.
  • During his Sidekicks career, Tatu was a key member of all four championship teams.
  • Pancho also became established as his sidekick in other media.
  • Then of course, he has Raghava as his sidekick, who adores him to death.
  • His sidekick, Robin, took over 30 years in real time to graduate from high school.
  • His sidekick in most of his westerns was actor Al St. John.
  • He wishes that Wally was still the primary Flash and he would still be his sidekick.
  • However, just outside the cathedral his sidekick Bartolo hands him another note from Anonimo.
  • She hopes to impress the veteran hero, wishing him to take her under his wing as his sidekick.
  • About this time, his sidekick, Bartolo comes to Pedro and tells him that he has discovered what has happened.
  • His sidekick was Curly Howard, who also did the morning show.
  • Akiba does this at the beginning of the third and final volume with the ghost of his childhood friend and she becomes his sidekick.
  • One of the most important components of Autry's films was the comic relief provided by his sidekicks.
  • Bradley would not make another significant appearance for over 32 years and his sidekick Morgan disappeared completely.
  • Early on in the game Ash receives his sidekick Sam who fights along with him in battle.
  • Wounded, David comes back to his sidekicks who advise him to jump for Manju instead.
  • One level, however, features a mini-boss, while the player assumes control of Jazz in his sidekick bird form.
  • During the half hour programme a crime was committed; Scott and his sidekick, Det.
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