his mayoral

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  • After his mayoral loss, Earl told his friends he was through with politics.
  • Other than his mayoral run, his life was little known.
  • However, the building was razed less than a month into his mayoral term.
  • During his mayoral term, he introduced a bill that established free public schools in Nashville.
  • After his mayoral term, he returned to operate his furniture business.
  • His mayoral ship would last for two years.
  • During his mayoral term, he wanted to include the prohibition of weapons in the city.
  • Outside of his mayoral duties, he wrote articles for various newspapers and magazines.
  • After his mayoral run, he obtained a position as judge on the recorder's court.
  • Outside of his mayoral term, he built houses.
  • He worked closely with African-American community leaders, and many supported him in his mayoral campaigns.
  • However, Jones himself would die during his mayoral term.
  • His mayoral administration had to deal with hard financial times in the late 1830s.
  • He returned to his insurance business in 1992, after his mayoral service ended.
  • After incompatibility law came into force, he decided not to run for another parliamentary term and chose his mayoral position.
  • His voting record was later a focus of his Mayoral campaign.
  • Unfortunately for him, his younger brother's entry into the political scene has somewhat overshadowed his mayoral election.
  • Once he completed his mayoral term, he returned to the direction of the local hospital, and did so until 1976.
  • After his mayoral service, he helped Governor Scott Matheson with some government projects.
  • Upon completion of his mayoral term in 1896, he won an election to return to city council.
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