his childless brother

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  • In 1851, he inherited his childless brother's title and also became a General that year.
  • Thomas inherited the earldom after the death of his childless brother, Charles in 1679.
  • He died in March 1824, followed a month later by his childless brother, Prince Friedrich Ludwig.
  • He succeeded in the earldom on the death of his childless brother Charles on 5 February 1917.
  • In 1692, he succeeded his childless brother Frederick as Duke of Augustenburg.
  • In 1944, he finally succeeded to the Earldom of Lonsdale on the death of his childless brother, Hugh.
  • According to the 1797 Pauline Laws his childless brother Constantine had been heir presumptive since Alexander's accession.
  • He inherited the Earldom of Annesley created for his childless brother through the terms of the special remainder, as well as the Viscountcy of his father, in 1802.
  • Beresford inherited the marquessate from his childless brother in 1859.
  • On inheriting the dukedom of Cleveland from his childless brother Henry in 1864, he resumed the surname of Vane.
  • In 1710, he became Tory Member of Parliament for Hastings, but was forced to resign his seat a few months later when he inherited his childless brother's barony of Ashburnham.
  • He left his daughter Katharina Elisabeth (1753-1813) in the care of his childless brother Simon Moritz in Frankfurt.
  • Known as the Great Earl of Angus, he succeeded to the Earldom following the death of his childless brother James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Angus in 1446.
  • On the death of his childless brother Heinrich II, the last Count of Saarwerden, in 1397, Friedrich temporarily directed the County before ceding the government to his stepbrother, Friedrich III, Count of Moers.
  • Eric then held Bergedorf (Vierlande) and Lauenburg and inherited the share of his childless brother Albert III, Saxe-Ratzeburg, after he already deceased in 1308 and a retained section from Albert's widow Margaret of Brandenburg-Salzwedel on her death.
  • Upon the death of her brother-in-law Archibald Campbell, 5th Earl of Argyll on 12 September 1573, Agnes, as the wife of Sir Colin who had succeeded his childless brother as the 6th earl, was henceforth styled as Countess of Argyll.
  • On 13 November 1135 in the cathedral of Jaca, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Aragon, Agnes married King Ramiro II, a monk who had resigned the bishopric of Roda in order to succeed his childless brother Alfonso the Battler.