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  • However, his biographical works include only one hero from his own caste.
  • Very little is known about his biographical data.
  • He involved himself in politics as detailed in his biographical article.
  • Used in his biographical article to illustrate his solo material and style.
  • His biographical works are really 'life and times' stories with the emphasis on the times.
  • He won notice for his biographical articles, written in a muckraking style.
  • His biographical sketch does not list the degrees earned or the dates, only the institutions attended.
  • In many of his biographical narrations is pointed this moment when he understands that rock means more than music.
  • Aside from his biographical work, he took to writing studies of nature, taking a poetic and philosophical approach.
  • The list below is provided as a supplement to his biographical entry.
  • Used at his biographical article to show how he complemented the original John Williams score with new audio.
  • Many of his biographical details are not recorded.
  • Despite the enormous amount of material published by Hancock, some of his biographical details are not completely clear.
  • Plutarch mentioned slavery in his biographical history in order to pass judgement on men's characters.
  • His biographical film-portraits on writers, composers, artists, and historical figures have been translated into several languages.
  • Duffy does extensive historical research for his biographical novels and then crafts fiction from what he learns.
  • As told by Crumb in his biographical film, his artwork was very typical in the beginning.
  • His biographical sketches and writings have been printed in several books and journals.
  • His biographical history is so popularly known, that it is almost superfluous to record it in this brief introduction. Cited from Selections, Speeches and Writings of Edmund Burke
  • According to his biographical note 'he became recognised as an authority on the evolution and politics of European environment and health policy'.
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