his abstract work

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  • It may be that the reason he forgot the details of real life was because he was too deeply absorbed in his abstract work. Cited from Reminiscences of Tolstoy, by Ilya Tolstoy
  • These paintings can take anywhere from a month to three years to finish, as Maltzman often re-enters his abstract work.
  • Lacasse himself had a one-man show at L'Equipe in 1937 during which he showed some of his abstract work.
  • He began attending life drawing classes and churning out hundreds and hundreds of works on paper, mostly figurative, which still showed the command of movement, line and form that had characterized his abstract work.
  • With his pictures which he painted to conceal his abstract work in large numbers, plus the destruction of his main works and his extensive and wide-ranging later works, today give a distorted picture of the work of the Bauhaus artist Bartoschek.
  • Freed from relying on any official Communist support, his abstract work from the 1960s and 70s was often critical of the Stasi and depicted primitive, abstract creatures caught in a web of state oppression, thus he never exhibited in the GDR.
  • Kupka was not an Orphic Cubist like Picabia, Gleizes, or Metzinger, as his abstract work did not have its origins in Cubism.