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  • She also hinted that she would like to do a country album next.
  • It has been hinted that they may even be thinking about getting married.
  • She also hinted that she might call an election a year before it was due.
  • The books hints that her real reason to visit is to see him.
  • The voice also gives her some hints on how not to be discovered.
  • He let several days pass without hinting what the real situation was. Cited from Bertram Cope's Year, by Henry Blake Fuller
  • Only the entrance door gives any hint that it was once a bank.
  • That is what she hinted when saying - was that your poor child?
  • Before she was killed, she hinted that she knew more about him when he was younger.
  • This album was a clear hint to where her career was going in terms of style.
  • They hinted at starting their own label as they prepared to release their fifth album.
  • He continued to hint that the album may in fact be released.
  • In fact, there were never any hints that they were later going to fall out.
  • It is hinted at that she had her son at a very young age.
  • It is hinted that that gun might be the gun her mother used before she died.
  • The band has begun playing new songs and is even hinting at an album release.
  • It hints that they might have been shot down over the ocean.
  • Several local stories hint as to the origin of the town's name.
  • There are some hints that such effects may already have been observed.
  • The game can be played at three difficulty levels, each with slightly different hints.
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Meaning of hint

  • noun An indirect suggestion
    not a breath of scandal ever touched her
  • noun A slight indication
  • verb Drop a hint; intimate by a hint