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  • It is more hilly and broken in its western half than in its eastern half.
  • The site is hilly and one of the highest points close to the sea.
  • The area around the village is very hilly and the most famous hill in the village is science hill.
  • When the sea level began to rise in the late ice age, people moved to higher, hilly areas.
  • The hilly relief is mostly seen in the east and west side of municipality.
  • Its southern area is covered with mid-sized mountains, while the center is hilly.
  • The southern part of the region is hilly whereas the northern part is plain.
  • Most parts of the district are plain but certain areas have hilly characteristics.
  • The land area, somewhat hilly, is less than one square mile.
  • Although the island is not fallen in the administration of country park, most of the hilly area remains green.
  • The eastern part of the province is a hilly region while the rest was covered by forests.
  • Shortly before reaching the city itself the road passed through hilly terrain.
  • While much of the district is highly developed, it also contains some forested hilly areas.
  • Most of the river course runs over hilly landscape with tall banks.
  • Recently, quite a few schools have sprung up in this small hilly town.
  • It is located in a relatively hilly part of the country and consists mainly of farm houses and fields.
  • Much of the province is hilly and very few large flat plains are to be found.
  • It is also located on a hill thus giving its hilly terrain.
  • It extended from the highest mountains on the border to more gentle hilly country in the north.
  • Much of the county is hilly, with several hills rising to one thousand foot in elevation.
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