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  • The three called themselves three hillbillies because they were all country boys.
  • Why should we go into all those towns and only sell to the hillbilly accounts?
  • The end of the video shows the girls in character as hillbillies.
  • There's a struggle that exists in black music and hillbilly music from a certain era.
  • The inhabitants were mostly lazy hillbillies, who usually wanted nothing to do with progress.
  • Taylor grew up on a farm and listened to hillbilly music as a child.
  • At first it specialized in country music, at the time still known as "hillbilly music."
  • While both stations offered farm news, the two were to become most competitive by offering live productions of hillbilly music.
  • She is a wonderful little door opener for me because people love her, and they love the Hillbillies.
  • These recording stars sang both rural music and city music, and most knew more about Broadway than they did about hillbillies.
  • His career took off two years later, when he joined the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies.
  • The video features the band in a bar with hillbillies and women with deep cleavage.
  • However, Hillbilly Jack has never reappeared on the show since winning the contest.
  • By the late 1940s, radio stations started to use the "hillbilly music" label.
  • The term "hillbilly" spread in the years following the American Civil War.
  • The band had a cameo in the movie playing a hillbilly music version of the song along with some local musicians.
  • These players, among others, learned their art primarily from family and show fewer traces of influence from commercial hillbilly recordings.
  • They also ditched their manager Hillbilly Jim and for a short time was without a manager.
  • The district, most notably the high school, is most famous for its mascot, the Hillbilly.
  • He began by making a series of hillbilly records, but did two 78rpm albums of songs for children a few months later.
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Meaning of hillbilly

  • noun A disparaging term for an unsophisticated person