Hilda Braid

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  • After hearing that his grandmother Nana Moon (Hilda Braid) has died, he leaves again.
  • Victoria Alice Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Hilda Braid.
  • Archard and his long term partner, Jim Belchamber, ran a touring repertory company, based in Torquay, which included Hilda Braid among its players.
  • Alfie takes over management of The Queen Victoria public house and he and Spencer move into the upstairs flat along with their grandmother Nana Moon (Hilda Braid).
  • Although young, he took responsibility for his younger brother Spencer (Christopher Parker), who is nearly twenty years his junior, and his grandmother Victoria (Hilda Braid), widely known as Nana.
  • Alfie, fearing his facade will be unravelled, thinks of a scheme to get rid of Chris and tells them his grandmother, Nana Moon (Hilda Braid) is Peggy.
  • He is also disappointed that Phil does not drink, and accepts the dare of drinking a yard of ale, before being thrown out of The Queen Victoria pub for insulting Nana Moon (Hilda Braid).
  • Kat confesses to Alfie's grandmother Nana (Hilda Braid) that she loves Alfie, and upon discovering this, he stops Kat and Andy's wedding and confesses his love for her.