Highland Rim

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  • Info The Highland Rim is a geographic term for the area in Tennessee surrounding the Central Basin. more...
  • The southern edge of the Highland Rim is more distant and somewhat less pronounced.
  • The Highland Rim offered ideal climate and soil conditions for growing dark tobacco.
  • The Highland Rim is rather continuous and any division of it, including the ones made below, are somewhat arbitrary.
  • Along the river's Highland Rim portion, Mississippian-era limestone is more common.
  • Hills that comprise the western fringe of the Highland Rim rise as high as above the river to the east and west.
  • The county lies primarily along the southwestern Highland Rim.
  • The town is situated on the Highland Rim a few miles east of Dale Hollow Lake.
  • Portland is located on the Highland Rim in extreme northern Middle Tennessee.
  • The county lies in a rugged section of the northwestern Highland Rim.
  • Hamilton had declared bankruptcy that January, and the Highland Rim track was sold at public auction in February.
  • The Union army possessed two key passes in the Highland Rim and was in position to turn Bragg's right flank.
  • The river then winds its way southward, slicing a broad valley in an otherwise hilly section of the Eastern Highland Rim.
  • Like most of the Highland Rim, the area is rugged and hilly.
  • It sits on the edge of the Highland Rim, where the topography is flatter than in the surrounding area.
  • Overton County straddles the Eastern Highland Rim, and generally consists of low, rolling hills divided by narrow creek valleys.
  • Small groups of pickets protected the passes through the Highland Rim and cavalry protected each flank, a front of almost 70 miles.
  • The species is limited to streams flowing over limestones of the Mississippian Eastern Highland Rim.
  • The county is located amidst the northeastern Highland Rim, and is generally rugged and hilly.
  • People were originally attracted from the tobacco belt in Virginia and the Carolina to the Highland Rim for land speculation and dark tobacco.
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