high compression

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  • Ask any man what it means to crank an engine of high compression. Cited from Cluthe's Advice to the Ruptured, by Chas. Cluthe & Sons
  • In general, using extremely high compression rate makes steganography difficult, but not impossible.
  • He also worked in designing high-compression engines, improving fuel economy among other things.
  • Codec2 was designed to be used for amateur radio and other high compression voice applications.
  • If many instances share most frequent items, FP-tree provides high compression close to tree root.
  • The engine was available in either a low compression or a (less frequently specified) high compression version.
  • A small study of runners found that wearing knee-high compression stockings while running significantly improved performance.
  • Using this technique can achieve very high compression rates.
  • The high-compression (for higher efficiency) engine runs on ordinary gasoline under low-power cruise conditions.
  • It was an overhead valve high compression, short stroke design that remained in production in various forms for decades.
  • The other significant advantage to the closed chamber heads is that less machining is required to obtain high compression ratios.
  • We put the one with the cracked bubble into high compression for a while, just to relieve his pain a little. Cited from Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet, by Harold Leland Goodwin
  • All three engines can run on regular gasoline, an exception to most high-performance, high-compression engines that require premium fuel.
  • This new powerplant featured a short-stroke, high-compression design that provided both quiet, economical operation and smooth, high performance.
  • At ultimately high compression, however, all materials will metallize.
  • Though the model designation suggested high compression, for reliability, the Army version actually used a medium-compression version.
  • It was the first high-compression I-head design, and is the archetype for most modern pushrod engines.
  • However, fuels such as natural gas or methanol can withstand high compression without self ignition.
  • High compression on a naturally aspirated engine can reach the detonation threshold fairly easily.
  • Some high compression algorithms require high processing power.
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