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  • This was a large and well-built country house, initially hidden in trees.
  • These problems had been known for long by the management but were kept hidden.
  • Together, they are able to keep their presence hidden for much of the season.
  • This allowed them to remain hidden and escape the scene following their attacks.
  • They finally meet and cannot hide their long-time feelings for each other.
  • However, the attempt to hide such a well-known piece of art failed.
  • He took him to a nearby city and hid him in a room.
  • Her family hid in the back upper floor of her father's office.
  • At times she is only involved in action as her hiding place has been discovered by others.
  • He awarded her the hide since she had drawn the first drop of blood.
  • He eventually goes to meet her at her garden hide-out.
  • He hid when the man in black passed by the way station.
  • Further, other critics point to the fact that most people do have things to hide.
  • It is said that his mother gave him aid while he was hiding in the forest.
  • A hide is thought to represent the amount of land required to support one family.
  • They hid many of them in their houses and saved a great many others.
  • They immediately took off the Three and hid them without using them.
  • His grave is north east of town in a hidden pre-civil war cemetery.
  • All the while she also successfully hides a dark secret to her past.
  • He went into hiding for five months in the apartment of a fellow party member.
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Meaning of hide

  • noun The dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)
  • noun Body covering of a living animal
  • verb Prevent from being seen or discovered
    Muslim women hide their faces, hide the money
  • verb Be or go into hiding; keep out of sight, as for protection and safety
    Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding, She is hiding out in a cabin in Montana