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  • This established her as one of the major Herdwick sheep farmers in the area.
  • However, there were the lambs; one could trust a Herdwick to return to its heaf. Cited from The Buccaneer Farmer, by Harold Bindloss
  • In any case, the Herdwick was an important breed in the Lake District by the end of the 12th century.
  • Potter was interested in preserving not only the Herdwick sheep, but also the way of life of fell farming.
  • The long, green slope was broken by rocky scars and dotted by small Herdwick sheep that looked like scattered stones until they moved. Cited from The Buccaneer Farmer, by Harold Bindloss
  • The hardy Herdwick breed is particularly known for its affinity for being heafed.
  • Thousands of sheep, include the native Herdwick which graze on the fellsides across the District, were destroyed.
  • The crest above the shield was the head of a ram of the local Herdwick breed.
  • There is also a bus service that runs between Penrith and Keswick that can be caught outside the Herdwick Inn every hour.
  • All her farms were stocked with Herdwick sheep and frequently with Galloway cattle.
  • The wool quality of a Herdwick has unique qualities relating to durability.
  • The college bar, The Herdwick, is known for its large beer festivals, its constant supply of real ale and a variety of whiskies.
  • The breed most closely associated with the area is the tough Herdwick, with Rough Fell and Swaledale sheep also common.
  • She left nearly all her property to the National Trust, including over of land, sixteen farms, cottages and herds of cattle and Herdwick sheep.
  • They have an emphasis on showing sheep, cattle and poultry, and are known for the Herdwick Sheep.
  • It is considered that up to 99% of all Herdwick sheep are commercially farmed in the central and western Lake District.
  • The origin of the breed itself is unknown, but the most common theory is that the ancestors of Herdwick sheep were introduced by early Norse settlers.
  • For centuries, the husbandry of Herdwick sheep has been a large factor in shaping the culture and terrain of the Lake District.
  • Potter was also a prize-winning breeder of Herdwick sheep and a prosperous farmer keenly interested in land preservation.
  • The experiments were performed on Herdwick sheep and domestic fowls. Cited from Hormones and Heredity, by J. T. Cunningham
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