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  • Herdman started acting when he was about seven years old and one day Martin found him an agent.
  • According to the band, the album came to be when they met Bob Herdman.
  • The band's big break would come in the form of Bob Herdman.
  • After they did, they asked Herdman to join the band as their keyboardist.
  • Herdman's son, also called William, was a very successful painter.
  • Herdman also suggested they change their name, which they did to Audio Adrenaline.
  • One of Herdman's early concerns in Parliament was the reform of the public service.
  • Herdman was a teacher and a successful commercial artist.
  • Will some one go and bring the herdman hither? Cited from Sophocles: The Seven Plays in English Verse, by Lewis Campbell
  • The lyrics were inspired by a story Herdman read on the Internet about the effects of music on plants.
  • Herdman is best known as a landscape painter, typically of scenes around Liverpool.
  • After luncheon we walked with Mr. Herdman through the mills and the model village which has grown up around them. Cited from Ireland Under Coercion (2nd ed.) (1 of 2) (1888), William Henry Hurlbert
  • It was in the mid-1960s when it became known as Herdman Collegiate.
  • Herdman approached them to record a song he had written called "My God" which mixed metal and rap.
  • Herdman eventually was elected to the Northern Ireland Senate.
  • The role of Waylett's character in the plot was taken over by Herdman's character.
  • Herdman grew up in Lynchburg, a rural town in the southwest part of Ohio.
  • Those signed "William Herdman" are by his son.
  • This move was criticised by many as self-interested, especially as Herdman's career as a lawyer had not been particularly distinguished.
  • Herdman then established the rival Institution of Fine Arts.
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