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  • Info Herdla is a former municipality in Hordaland county, Norway.
  • Herdla Airport remained operational as a private airport, but saw very little use.
  • At the same time the tower service at Herdla was closed.
  • The administrative centre of the municipality was the small island-village of Herdla (island).
  • Herdla was a natural choice, given the amount of investments which had been made.
  • Herdla was initially a difficult airport to operate out of in part due to the short runway.
  • The English were forced to retreat, to Herdla, at around ten in the morning.
  • After the war the air traffic control for the Bergen area was placed at Herdla.
  • They agreed that Herdla was suitable both as a land and seaplane base.
  • Historically, the island was part of the old municipality of Herdla.
  • The air base at Herdla was important to defend the west coast of Norway against Allied attacks.
  • Also on that date the old municipality of Herdla was dissolved.
  • Herdla was originally proposed during the 1930s as the site of the main airport for Bergen.
  • Prior to 1964, the island was part of the old municipality of Herdla.
  • Herdla was by them seen as the prime candidate, against based on the poor topography around Bergen.
  • It is located the small island of Herdla.
  • Herdla was seriously considered as the site for Bergen's main airport.
  • The island of Herdla also had a village and the municipal center of Herdla.
  • The two clubs remained active at Herdla until 1954, after which the activity dwindled.
  • Thirty-five aircraft from Herdla were dispatched to defend the site.
  • The church has a lower tower than before, because at that time there were plans to make Herdla the main airport for the city of Bergen.
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