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  • From the age of five or six he began herding animals and working the land.
  • When he was seven he began herding the family cattle in the hills.
  • Brown went off by himself and did herding like that before. Cited from The Wrong Woman, by Charles D. Stewart
  • In herding areas where houses may be used only part of the year, they usually have only one story.
  • Before this time, many boys received no primary education at all, and instead spent their time herding animals.
  • However, it has also been used as a guard dog and a herding dog.
  • Night-herding too during such a storm was a strange experience. Cited from Ranching, Sport and Travel, by Thomas Carson
  • Boys are most likely to be engaged in paid work, usually herding.
  • What else would you expect from a dog used for herding wild cattle?!
  • I've been to see your mother, but you were off herding cattle that day. Cited from My Antonia, by Willa Sibert Cather
  • Most of his time was spent in herding his mother's cattle. Cited from History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by Anderson
  • There is as yet no evidence of food production or herding.
  • The more a man knows about cattle herding, the greater respect he is given by the community.
  • At the time, most people made their living by herding.
  • They were often sung by women, since they were the ones doing the herding.
  • This success at herding sheep was mainly due to their high intelligence.
  • Keep count, for I will do your herding no more. Cited from The Kipling Reader, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Herding songs make up a considerable portion of the repertoire of work songs.
  • They can also be given a job to do such as herding to satisfy their exercise.
  • The straight branches of larger specimens are used to make the important herding staff.
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Root form of herding is herd for the verb.

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Meaning of herding

  • verb Cause to herd, drive, or crowd together
    We herded the children into a spare classroom
  • verb Move together, like a herd
  • verb Keep, move, or drive animals
    Who will be herding the cattle when the cowboy dies?