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  • Graphis magazine was kept operational by Herdeg until the later days of his life.
  • At the end of this ordeal, Herdeg opened his own studio in to do the same work, but this time independently.
  • Gebrauchsgraphik was a commercial purpose magazine that Herdeg was proud to have his work featured in, but he was inspired to create better material.
  • Herdeg's style of management at the magazine was hands on, whereby all content each edition was personally overseen by him.
  • Some of the more popular works by Herdeg are travel posters that he designed before the establishment of Graphis Magazine.
  • Due to the work done by Walter Herdeg on his posters, posters displaying his style of work became more popular.
  • The establishment of this design magazine was a major achievement in Herdeg's career since it served as his legacy and contribution to the design field.
  • Herdeg was not a visual artist only but he was known to have approached design from the perspective of a functionalist in more than a few occasions.
  • The influence of Keller on Herdeg was a heavy one, and proceeding the launch of his career, it would be seen in his own works.
  • This can be seen in some popular posters by Herdeg for St. Moritz resort.
  • One of such was Anton Stankowski who became known for creating photo-montage with Herdeg working among them.
  • Two hundred and forty six editions of the Graphis magazine were personally overseen by Herdeg and completed in his presence.
  • Like the other assistants, Heller would review works of art by other designers and send to Herdeg for approval.
  • Meanwhile Herdeg was at the forefront of this movement, making history unintentionally.
  • Herdeg found this system of work sustainable enough to have used it in several posters for St. Moritz travel posters.
  • Because of Herdeg's unique blood, he is recruited by Mailer to travel through time successfully and prevent the alteration to the timeline.
  • The towers are separated by a small park with a light sculpture by the Swiss artist Christian Herdeg, about 70 meters apart on the square of the unit.
  • Works featured in the Graphis Magazine were from allover the world as well, since Herdeg strived to bring designers together to create exchange of information between professionals of different origins.
  • However, the experiment goes horribly wrong and the ship completely disappears and Herdeg and Parker find themselves in the Nevada desert in the year 1984.
  • Herdeg had a distinctive system of work in which he used typography with a combination of photography to create unified photo-montage posters that had simple messages with limited wording.
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