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  • Herdecke has a lot of forest areas where one can hike or jog.
  • Herdecke is home to many high-income families.
  • Never married, she died in a hospital in Herdecke, Germany, in 1991.
  • It is the home of the Witten/Herdecke University, the first private university in Germany.
  • Humpe grew up in Herdecke on the Ruhr, where her parents owned a pastry shop.
  • Most of Herdecke lies North of the Ruhr except for a small part at the Ruhr bridge.
  • The Herdecke emblem is a silvern oak on a hill bearing yellow fruit upon a red shield.
  • The town has a display on every Herdecke May Fair where typical foods and beverages as well are offered and touristic offers are being shown.
  • Herdecke is sometimes reported on in radio and TV stations nearby (e.g. in Dortmund or Hagen).
  • Herdecke lies between 80 and 274 meters above sea levels.
  • Until 2000, he worked as the head physician of the juvenile psychiatry department of Herdecke hospital in Germany.
  • Passing through Paderborn, they arrived at Herdecke on the 13th. Cited from Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel,John Yeardley
  • From 1987 to 1996, he worked as an archivist for the Herdecke local government, and has published works on local history.
  • Because of the population grow Herdecke is a town with the most sealed surfaces in the Government District of Arnsberg.
  • In the 1990s the Witten/Herdecke University in Germany established a chair in anthroposophical medicine.
  • A division of a part of his land into building lots, on the main road from Herdecke to Hagen, also swelled the volume of his increasing revenue. Cited from Bucholz and the Detectives, by Allan Pinkerton
  • Because of the high amount of taxes paid, the neighbouring city of Hagen has tried to incorporate Herdecke into Hagen.
  • Since 2009, Klopp has lived in Herdecke, where many Borussia Dortmund players also live.
  • WestfaliaSurge, one of the world's leading milking machine producers, left Herdecke in 2005 after 30 years.
  • In the course of two centuries between 1739 and 1939 Herdecke changed from a medieval marketplace to a flourishing small town.
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