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  • The town's previous flag had been green and white, but it had not been heraldically correct.
  • There is a full colour version and nine heraldically correct official versions exist for single-colour reproduction.
  • The present shape of the boat and the more heraldically correct arms date from 1899.
  • She stands on a patch of grass and flowers, while her her hand rest on and holds back a large heraldically designed red lion.
  • For example, he has stated that it has no official blazon, and its form of shield is not heraldically recognised.
  • Only the right-hand column, not speaking heraldically, was standing, the others lying in blocks frozen hard together on the ground. Cited from Ice-Caves of France and Switzerland, by George Forrest Browne
  • The tower was included as a charge in the arms on the community's wishes, although in heraldically simplified form.
  • The latter would have been heraldically identical to the old Waldgravial arms.
  • The design is heraldically supported by the Great Mother's lionesses. Cited from The Evolution of the Dragon, by G. Elliot Smith
  • "Who are gone?" asked Grisell, turning as well as she could under the great heraldically-embroidered covering. Cited from Grisly Grisell, by Charlotte M. Yonge
  • The standard arms are described heraldically as follows: field, or, with three chabots, gules.
  • The current colours - including the heraldically unusual blue for a lion's tongue - have been in use since at least 1605.
  • A slightly modified and more heraldically correct version of the coat of arms can be found on the roof of the Handelshof hotel near the main station.
  • I saw the old woman and the donkey PASSANT, as they might have appeared heraldically on the shield of some heroic family. Cited from Alarms and Discursions, by G. K. Chesterton
  • "The arms are historically well founded and heraldically flawless; their approval is recommended."
  • More often, the Tudor rose is depicted as a double rose, white on red and is always described, heraldically, as "proper".
  • A great fire in the ancient hearth, with its heavy heraldically carved stone chimney-piece, lit up the desolation of the chamber. Cited from The Disentanglers, by Andrew Lang
  • Vermont is the only U.S. state to have a heraldically correct blazon describing its coat of arms.
  • A colour on a metal or vice-versa is heraldically correct.
  • Battenberg's civic coat of arms might heraldically be described thus: Per pale sable and argent.
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