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  • He continued in his heraldic duties until his retirement three years later.
  • The paper takes its name from a heraldic bird with no feet.
  • These may be used in countries which otherwise do not use heraldic devices.
  • The arms were based on the family arms, with necessary heraldic differences introduced to the design.
  • Originally, heraldic style was very similar from country to country.
  • Today, most officers of arms are employed by state heraldic authorities.
  • Several of the heraldic objects he created were destined for his own use.
  • Many of the windows include both heraldic symbols and religious images placed side by side.
  • The glass is modern heraldic, but with some older glass too.
  • Its heraldic executive is separate from that of the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • A grand display of heraldic material is present throughout the estate.
  • These elements, like the chief's coat of arms, are the heraldic property of the chief alone.
  • Any object found in nature or technology may appear as a heraldic charge in armory.
  • In traditional heraldic practice coats of arms pass through the male line.
  • A heraldic heiress is a woman who has no brothers, or whose brothers have died without issue.
  • The arms furthermore have to take the local historic and heraldic heritage into account.
  • On the front side the images are always full of action, on the back heraldic designs are common.
  • A coat of arms in the European heraldic sense was created in the late 19th century.
  • The heraldic coat-of-arms in its present form has been used since 1622.
  • This was an unusual grant of arms and said to have made heraldic history in England.
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  • adjective Of or relating to heraldry