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  • However, her newfound trust is tested when her mother gives birth to a son.
  • Is her newfound love worth the sacrifice she is about to make?
  • Despite her newfound happiness, there are times when Paul seems a stranger to her.
  • Belyllioth soon discovered though that holding on to her newfound title would be hard to do.
  • Her newfound role also was a major push towards perfecting her song writing.
  • One day, she comes into heat and has no idea what to do with her newfound feelings and urges.
  • She neglects to tell her self-absorbed father about her newfound success.
  • With her newfound family, the good news began to flood in.
  • She used her newfound wealth to travel the world.
  • Ruth takes the tape and studies it to determine what to do with her newfound money.
  • She does not marry, avoiding the domestic sphere while using her newfound beauty to her spiritual advantage.
  • After their deaths, it is reported that she has already begun selling off as much of her newfound assets as she can.
  • She had abused many people who tried to correct her and now currently she has nobody to celebrate her newfound success.
  • The documentary follows her over a number of months as she focuses on her ability to sing and her newfound confidence.
  • Once she finds him, she will hunt down Dylan with her newfound powers and destroy him once and for all.
  • Tyr was sent to stop her and, with her newfound power, was only able to kill her through treachery.
  • She subsequently becomes increasingly adversarial toward him by taking her newfound hatred of all vampires out on him.
  • Her newfound fame eventually gets her the attention of the CIA.
  • Rowland eventually overcame her fears during the process as her newfound independence offered her an opportunity to branch out and try new things.
  • Norwood said that the song was inspired by her newfound love with music executive Ryan Press.
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