her desolate

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  • Why did you marry her if it was only to leave her desolate again? Cited from The Shadow of the East, by E. M. Hull
  • It would then be dark when the two reached her desolate home. Cited from Expositions of Holy Scripture: Various, Maclaren
  • How long a time was left to her before the parting that would leave her desolate? Cited from The Shadow of the East, by E. M. Hull
  • She turned and went back to her desolate home. Cited from Further Chronicles of Avonlea, L.M. Montgomery
  • The one little kitten that she loved with all her mother heart died and left her desolate. Cited from The Great Round World, Vol. 1, No. 20, March 25, 1897, by Various
  • In spite of this the daughter's life seemed to her desolate. Cited from Japanese Fairy Tales, by Yei Theodora Ozaki
  • He had torn from her the desire of her heart and left her desolate: she would worship him no longer! Cited from There & Back, by George MacDonald
  • Her place shall be left unto her desolate, and her children shall be dashed against the stones! Cited from Count Hannibal, by Stanley J. Weyman
  • The sound of the name seemed to her desolate and sad. Cited from Bella Donna, by Robert Hichens
  • Should a Japanese wife become a widow, she is expected to show her grief by her desolate appearance. Cited from Peeps at Many Lands: Japan, by John Finnemore
  • He leaves her desolate, while he walks off free. Cited from Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, G. MacDonald
  • "For kidnapping free people?" asked the woman, without interest, the question coming from her desolate heart. Cited from The Entailed Hat, by George Alfred Townsend
  • In this hour her desolate spirit rejected everything but the thought of relief to be found in new occupation, fresh society. Cited from In the Year of Jubilee, by George Gissing
  • Through it all breathes a note of sorrow for the city whose house was now left to her desolate. Cited from The Life of Jesus of Nazareth, by Rush Rhees
  • Almost broken-hearted she entered her desolate hovel at the foot of the mountain. Cited from A Chinese Wonder Book, by Norman Hinsdale Pitman
  • I cannot bear to leave her desolate, Or my boy fatherless among his foes. Cited from Specimens of Greek Tragedy, by Goldwin Smith
  • And often would she vainly plead in turn Her desolate position and her youth. Cited from Tales of Ind, by T. Ramakrishna
  • One by one her hopes had fallen away, and left her desolate; and though a chance yet remained, she could no longer hope. Cited from Mary Barton, by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • Elinor was just rising, and had opened the windows of her chamber, when she perceived her desolate young friend. Cited from The Works of Charles Lamb in Four Volumes, Vol. 4, by Charles Lamb
  • I think this last proof of your kindness to her in her desolate state can hardly make her love and respect you more than she has ever done. Cited from The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb, Vol. 6: Letters 1821-1842, by Lamb
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