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  • Soon we shall be hemmed in, and they will bring up their guns. Cited from French and English, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • She was hemmed in on every side and it only remained to board her. Cited from The Blue Pavilions, by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • The very walls of the house seemed to press upon her and hem her in. Cited from Agatha's Husband, by Dinah Maria Craik (AKA: Dinah Maria Mulock)
  • The blue walls of the mountains that hemmed its eastern edge were very near now. Cited from The Tree of Appomattox, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • On he ran until he came to a big river, which hemmed him in on three sides. Cited from Australian Legendary Tales, by K. L. Parker
  • They hemmed me in on every side; I could not get away from them. Cited from Three Years' War, by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
  • I seemed hemmed in on every hand by this man's terrible power. Cited from Weapons of Mystery, by Joseph Hocking
  • "Shall I take you away before we get hemmed in?" he asked her once. Cited from The Swindler and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell
  • He managed to escape with them at night, from the hemmed-in army. Cited from Tales Of Hearsay, by Joseph Conrad
  • He could not remember ever having talked to her hemmed in by four walls. Cited from Through Stained Glass, by George Agnew Chamberlain
  • In every direction he heard some one or other of the gang hemming him in. Cited from Tales of a Traveller, by Washington Irving
  • In turning wide hems, a paper measure should be used, to make them even. Cited from A Treatise on Domestic Economy, by Catherine Esther Beecher
  • His ship was hemmed in by an ice-field so that progress was impossible. Cited from Quiet Talks on Following the Christ, by S. D. Gordon
  • The flat where the rivers joined was hemmed all around by low hills. Cited from The Fur Bringers, by Hulbert Footner
  • In her own house she knew that she was hemmed in. Cited from Jean-Christophe Journey's End, by Romain Rolland
  • Never have I seen a church so hemmed in by surrounding buildings. Cited from A Wanderer in Holland, by E. V. Lucas
  • To right and left they were hemmed in by walls fifteen hundred feet in height. Cited from Overland, by John William De Forest
  • The urban area is also hemmed between large open cut mines to the north west and south east.
  • My situation was now indeed terrible, for my enemies had hemmed me in on every side. Cited from Dracula's Guest, by Bram Stoker
  • They are sometimes called as well, particularly if they have a green fabric hem.
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Meaning of hem

  • noun The edge of a piece of cloth; especially the finished edge that has been doubled under and stitched down
    the hem of her dress was stained, let down the hem, he stitched weights into the curtain's hem, it seeped along the hem of his jacket
  • noun The utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat; intended to get attention, express hesitancy, fill a pause, hide embarrassment, warn a friend, etc.
  • verb Fold over and sew together to provide with a hem
    hem my skirt
  • verb Utter `hem' or `ahem'