help relieve

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  • Doing so will help each person in the community and help relieve some form of their suffering.
  • She uses her powers to help relieve the pain of male patients in a local hospital.
  • If he could not win her for himself he could, at least, find out the cause and help relieve her pain. Cited from Peter, By F. Hopkinson Smith
  • A service that can do all that helps relieve some of the stress when trying to get things done.
  • This would help relieve their fears and increase trust in others.
  • Resting from activity even in a standing position may help relieve the symptoms.
  • He discovered that creating sounds on the guitar helped relieve the pain from his injuries.
  • Bakr has been signed to help relieve the injury crisis at the club.
  • Treatment is usually designed to help relieve the symptoms and thus does not directly alter the course of the disease.
  • Her connection with South Africa is through relations who have worked to help relieve poverty in Africa over many years.
  • These low-cost blocks, built by millions of units, helped relieve post-war housing shortage.
  • Lord God, give me wisdom to help relieve the ignorant and suffering. Cited from Leaves of Life, by Margaret Bird Steinmetz
  • However, from this position he now marched North in order to help relieve Demmin.
  • In many cases alternating the two (hot and cold) helps relieve the pain.
  • To help relieve the situation, urban enterprises were increasing investment in housing for workers.
  • They make use of soft light to create a comfortable atmosphere which helps relieve people's tension and pressure.
  • Icing the area after the treatment helps relieve the side effects faster.
  • Such works provide an enormous boost to the economy and help relieve unemployment.
  • Duncan initially had difficulties adapting to the game he thought would help relieve his pain and frustration.
  • The creation of an international community was introduced as a way to help relieve global tensions and mistrust.
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