help evacuate

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  • The next day, she helped evacuate the Union troops and returned north.
  • He helped evacuate seriously wounded soldiers from an open field under intense enemy fire.
  • Bullen agreed to stay behind and help evacuate the wounded but few could be got off.
  • The following week, she moved to Inchon to help evacuate troops at that location.
  • Clinton said she would also evaluate the relief effort and help evacuate some Americans.
  • They volunteered equipment, crew, and other resources in order to help evacuate residents of the hardest-hit areas.
  • Hahn helped evacuate the pilot before making his way to the injured climber.
  • There, he and his men helped evacuate settlers.
  • Small boats from the cutters helped evacuate wounded Regional Forces troops.
  • The flight attendants also helped evacuate the passengers from the burning plane after the crash landing.
  • The people they were sent to rescue refused to leave, so instead the soldiers helped evacuate members of a German field hospital trapped close to the front.
  • Meanwhile, the national guard team arrives to help evacuate the remainder of town and escort the geology team out.
  • Immediately after the attack, Powell went to Martin's Hundred to help evacuate the survivors.
  • The Government of India asked the Indian Armed Forces to help evacuate its citizens at risk from the conflict zone.
  • As the Chinese Communist forces struck south, however, the 437th helped evacuate these bases.
  • Twice he went with litter bearers to help evacuate the wounded.
  • Following the hostilities, it was ordered to turn back to help evacuate Indian nationals from Lebanon.
  • The division also helped evacuate 142 hospital patients.
  • Clark was among the forces that helped evacuate survivors of the Dachau concentration camp.
  • Wilson exposed himself to hostile fire in order to treat the many casualties and, when the company began to withdraw, he helped evacuate the wounded.
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