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  • They were used on the Army's military railways known as Heeresfeldbahnen.
  • Usually special rolling stock was developed for Heeresfeldbahnen.
  • Even after the First World War, when the Heeresfeldbahnen were used very widely, a number of routes were used for public transport.
  • During both World Wars, extensive military railways were constructed, the so-called trench railways and Heeresfeldbahnen.
  • A Heeresfeldbahnlokomotive is the German term for a special wartime locomotive (Kriegslokomotive) for employment on military field railways (Heeresfeldbahnen), railways usually designed to transport military supplies to the front line.
  • The first line ran from Aketi to Bondo and was built from leftover German army stocks used in trench railways or heeresfeldbahnen, which the Belgians acquired after World War I. Later, the line was extended from Komba to Buta Pauli (today Isiro) and Mungbere, which was reached in 1937.