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  • Info A Heeresfeldbahn is a German or Austrian military field railway (in Austria also called a Rollbahn). more...
  • A Heeresfeldbahn can also be quickly captured and used by an army's opponents.
  • The Heeresfeldbahn is tied to this fixed infrastructure; under artillery bombardment or other acts of war it is not flexible enough compared with lorry transport.
  • The narrow gauge Heeresfeldbahn class HF 160 D were developed for wartime service during the Second World War.
  • Unlike road transportation, the establishment of a Heeresfeldbahn required the construction of expensive and time-consuming railway infrastructure (albeit of simpler design than conventional railways).
  • Due to these disadvantages, the Heeresfeldbahn completely lost its importance in the second half of the 20th century and was replaced by road vehicles which were now more technically advanced, cross-country capable and did not require specially trained crews.
  • A special type of Heeresfeldbahn is the Kasemattenbahn (lit: casemate railway), specifically for use in fortified military installations.
  • The railway sustained heavy damage during World War I, and in 1915 "Riva" was sent to the kuk Heeresfeldbahn in Austria-Hungary for use on military trains.
  • The German narrow gauge steam locomotives of military field railway (Heeresfeldbahn) class HF 160 D were 0-8-0 tender locomotives developed for wartime service during the Second World War.

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