heavy swell

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  • There is nearly always a heavy swell there, even in fair weather. Cited from Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan, by Lafcadio Hearn
  • Due to the heavy swell, one of the horses fell over.
  • They are heavy swells, and you know father wants me to get in with that lot. Cited from A Beautiful Possibility, by Edith Ferguson Black
  • It is difficult to access because of heavy swells, even during calm weather.
  • The next day there was a heavy swell, and many were ill. Cited from Isabel Lady Burton, V2, by W. H. Wilkins
  • Though it was calm, there was quite a heavy swell upon the ocean-like lake. Cited from Christopher Carson, by John S. C. Abbott
  • As I have already said, the wind is against her, and there is a heavy swell on. Cited from Facing the Flag, by Jules Verne
  • The roadstead is quite open, and we find here a very heavy swell. Cited from Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, by Maria Graham
  • A heavy swell had forced her to go outside. Cited from The South Pole, Vols 1 and 2, Roald Amundsen
  • Hornell then managed to bring his burning aircraft down on the heavy swell.
  • The order was given as the vessel began to pitch in a heavy swell. Cited from Jack Tier, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • There was quite a heavy swell on, and the ocean did not appear very attractive. Cited from Tom Swift & His Aerial Warship, by Victor Appleton
  • The next morning, although a heavy swell was still rolling, the ship assumed her normal aspect. Cited from The Bravest of the Brave, by G. A. Henty
  • We were twelve hours at sea, and the heavy swell obliged us to exert all our strength. Cited from The Last Man, by Mary Shelley
  • However, there was a heavy swell and she filled with water within 10 minutes.
  • This heavy swell resulted in some roads and public networks, being partially destroyed and some traditional houses being damaged.
  • "Two hours hence, this heavy swell will break where your vessel now rides so quietly." Cited from The Pilot, by J. Fenimore Cooper
  • The wind was still easterly, accompanied with rather a heavy swell of sea for the operations in hand. Cited from Records of a Family of Engineers, R. L. Stevenson
  • The ocean was rough, and came rolling up in long heavy swells; the fish were far out at sea. Cited from Nick Baba's Last Drink and Other Sketches, by George P. Goff
  • HEAVY SWELLS are another very important class of pretenders to fashion, and are divided into civil and military. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327, February 1843, Vol. 53
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