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  • The bird fell from the sky and eventually hit the heavenly floor.
  • He left no one without heavenly support -- even the wild animals in jungles.
  • The single was the band's first from their then record label, Heavenly Records.
  • Humans are considered to be spirit children of these heavenly parents.
  • In life he was an earthly king; after death he is now a heavenly saint.
  • These chosen few will have a heavenly reward regardless of how their lives are lived.
  • Grant that through your loving intercession, we may reach our heavenly home one day.
  • After this he sees the music and dance of the heavenly ladies.
  • Special routes of a highway use the same number, followed by a heavenly stem character.
  • A heavenly being's sacred treasures with no special powers will take the form of stone.
  • Heavenly father, we ask your blessing Upon all those who work in and for this School.
  • He offered his prayers and left to his heavenly kingdom.
  • Angels cannot be seen as they are heavenly beings but that can take on different forms, including human.
  • The album's title was later revealed to be "february & heavenly".
  • Sign of the Winner is the second full-length album by the French power metal band Heavenly.
  • Over time, they learn their father was a Heavenly Saint.
  • Likhachyov thought about his life journey as a vertical movement, towards the heavenly home.
  • Others assume that both heavenly parents are equally important and expect that more will be revealed when we are ready.
  • Mary, his mother, assumed into heaven by her son, participates in his heavenly glory.
  • Due to the low presence of quintessence, earth could be affected by what takes place within the heavenly bodies.
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Meaning of heavenly

  • adjective Of or belonging to heaven or god