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  • Heather has said she would give up acting for music if the situation arose.
  • Heather was also recently able to take some much needed time to visit her husband in her native reality.
  • He is survived by his third wife Heather, and his five children.
  • They get married and have a daughter of their own, Heather.
  • The following table shows Heather's record as a head coach.
  • There is some grass and heather around the village, but the ground is mostly rocks.
  • He figures out that Lady Heather obtained the money from selling the right to kill her.
  • He is married to Heather and they have two children.
  • Laura is taken to the hospital, where she later tells John what Heather told her.
  • Heather also set push start records on five international tracks.
  • They go to Heather's house and he meets her mother.
  • Heather makes a brief return to the series later on.
  • Heather's birthday had arrived and Drew wanted to give her as a present.
  • Heather's birthday had arrived and Drew wanted to give her as a present.
  • Austin goes to Heather's house and she tells him it is over with them.
  • There's also a woman, Lady Heather, in whom he takes an unusual interest.
  • George left the series when he returned to Darren after Heather's death.
  • She has a younger brother named Phillip and an older sister named Heather.
  • When a police officer comes to investigate, Heather tells him of the missing students.
  • Heather finally finds a new boyfriend, and starts to take better care of her appearance as a result.
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Meaning of Heather

  • noun Common old world heath represented by many varieties; low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere