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  • During his physical his doctor said he was healthier than men half his age.
  • They had one healthy child, but after the birth of a second, his wife died.
  • This is because the general population is likely to be less healthy.
  • I do not need dead animal bodies to keep me alive, strong and healthy.
  • These all help to make buildings comfortable and healthy places to live and work in.
  • However, a group of five or more may attack a healthy adult.
  • I think the world would be a healthier and better place if it were more silent. Cited from Here are Ladies, by James Stephens
  • My Wife was and is much healthier than last year, than in any late year. Cited from The Correspondence of Carlyle and Emerson, Vol. I, Carlyle and Emerson
  • The cut-down led to many protests, because the tree was still healthy.
  • That time spent away from the office will make me healthier and the company right along with it.
  • There is no widely accepted measure of what is a healthy level for sex desire.
  • When healthy the image was complete, it would be shown against a Green background.
  • The former not only made a better growth, but had a healthier look. Cited from Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916, ed. by A. W. Latham
  • None of these problems are common and the breed is generally very healthy.
  • They lived there for three years, where the new climate helped them to stay healthier.
  • However, even a government with a healthy majority can on occasion find itself unable to pass legislation.
  • Now it is time we became the healthiest nation in the world. Cited from State of the Union, Richard Nixon
  • It also encourages children to get their families and other youth involved in becoming healthy.
  • Access to healthy food is also an important component of the built environment.
  • Now that he's coming back healthier each week, we're winning more and more.
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Meaning of healthy

  • adjective Having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease
    a rosy healthy baby, staying fit and healthy