have generously

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  • And many new writers had stories to tell about how Young had generously helped and advised them.
  • He had generously muddled his own affairs until he could read nothing out of them but despair. Cited from Active Service, by Stephen Crane
  • A friend is never satisfied until everybody knows that he has generously obliged you. Cited from The Count's Millions, by Emile Gaboriau
  • My father has well weighed all these objections, and he has generously decided to forget them. Cited from The Headsman, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • He has generously permitted me to copy as many of his photographs as I desired. Cited from Expression Emotion in Man & Animals, by Darwin #2
  • No, I barely remembered the rider had generously moved aside to let me go by. Cited from The Cavalier, by George Washington Cable
  • He had generously paid for one-half of the cost of Kinston's first major high school destroyed by a fire.
  • It has generously agreed to pay them a dollar something a day and provide them with food and shelter as soon as it needs them.
  • Afterwards, the same round was to begin afresh, except that the sisters had generously introduced him to a friend. Cited from Maurice Guest, Henry Handel Richardson
  • To all those who have generously aided to further the study I wish to express my grateful thanks. Cited from The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai, by Anonymous
  • A large part of the pleasure derived from the task has come from association with friends who have generously put their time and thought at my disposal. Cited from The Age of the Reformation, by Preserved Smith
  • Perhaps the author may be a friend of hers, or some person who is in distress, and whom she has generously taken under her protection. Cited from Tales and Novels, Vol. 6, by Maria Edgeworth
  • As a matter of fact his college had generously offered him a chance which would have cost him nothing or next to nothing, of continuing to read for his degree. Cited from The Ship of Stars, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch [AKA: Q]
  • "He has generously increased my chances of promotion by giving me a large sum towards recruiting my regiment." Cited from An Original Belle, by E. P. Roe
  • He had generously exhausted the greater part of a small private fortune; from that source there remained to him only about a hundred pounds a year. Cited from Our Friend the Charlatan, George Gissing
  • He says that I must commence riding horseback at once, and has generously offered me the use of one of his horses. Cited from Army Letters from an Officer's Wife, by F.M.A. Roe
  • Over the years many well-known Swedish companies have generously provided the means for scholarships and for the general operations of the Foundation.
  • Shelley had generously provided for her and their children in his will and had given her a monthly allowance as had her father.
  • The Earl had generously advanced very large sums of money from his own pocket to relieve their necessity. Cited from History United Netherlands, 1586a by Motley
  • The Nation has generously expanded its care for veterans. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
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