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  • Life after the military was apparently not as harsh as life in the military.
  • Neither method of relief was at this time in history seen as harsh.
  • We composed the harshest and most extreme music we ever had for our new album.
  • Despite a harsh economic climate great progress was made in providing new facilities.
  • Life in this first settlement was harsh and it was short-lived.
  • Equipment was operated around the clock under harsh conditions and soon wore out or broke.
  • The other groups held more power and Indians were subject to harsher conditions.
  • Many found the conditions too harsh and returned to the United States.
  • Once given a position of authority, they were harsher with their own kind than were the white men. Cited from Tramping in Mexico, by Harry A. Franck
  • The game was played during some of the state's harshest weather conditions during that year.
  • He takes back his harsh words to his wife and tells her that he forgives her.
  • When at last she spoke, her voice was harsher than usual. Cited from The Definite Object, by Jeffery Farnol
  • The arrival of winter in October brought heavy rain and even harsher conditions.
  • Henry II continued the harsh religious policy that his father had followed during the last years of his reign.
  • However the match would also be remembered for harsh defending on both sides.
  • This was a primary reason the movie immediately met with harsh criticism.
  • She said harsher things than she'd ever said before. Cited from Missy, by Dana Gatlin
  • The winter months are harsh, and food is in short supply.
  • Many more died of harsh treatment and the harsh living and working conditions in this camp.
  • The female's voice is lower and harsher than that of the male.
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