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  • It was hard for me in my state to make out what was going on.
  • The area is full of hard hills, and there is little human presence.
  • During those years, however, they were generally having a hard time making ends meet.
  • If you want to play on his team you'd better like hard work, too.
  • In particular, the level of dead weight loss is hard to measure.
  • Under such circumstances it is hard to know which is the correct name to use.
  • The two teams would square off in seven hard-fought games during the final two weeks of the season.
  • His last words were "I have tried so hard to do right."
  • It is hard for bass players to find full-time, full-year work at a single job.
  • This rule probably developed to make it harder to run out after the first shot.
  • Both teams are known for their hard-hitting physical style of play.
  • It is a guide to action, not a set of hard and fast rules.
  • But his sentence was later reduced to ten years with hard labour.
  • These can form in any type of rock, including hard rocks such as granite.
  • It is easy to spread but hard to control.
  • They (women) are sometimes unable to stand the hard work of it day in and day out.
  • She was quiet and hard working, and determined to stay and get the education she needed to support herself.
  • Not all numbers of a given length are equally hard to factor.
  • The hardest changed organization within the federal government proved to be the post office.
  • The brand includes a wide range of hard-drive based as well as flash-memory based players.
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Meaning of hard

  • adjective Dispassionate;
    took a hard look, a hard bargainer
  • adjective Resisting weight or pressure
  • adjective (of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source
  • adjective (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward or touching the velum
    Russian distinguished between hard consonants and palatalized or soft consonants
  • adverb With effort or force or vigor
    the team played hard, worked hard all day, pressed hard on the lever, hit the ball hard, slammed the door hard
  • adverb With firmness
    held hard to the railing
  • adverb Earnestly or intently
    thought hard about it, stared hard at the accused
  • adverb Causing great damage or hardship
    industries hit hard by the depression, she was severely affected by the bank's failure
  • adverb Slowly and with difficulty
    prejudices die hard
  • adverb Into a solid condition
    concrete that sets hard within a few hours
  • adverb Very near or close in space or time
    it stands hard by the railroad tracks, they were hard on his heels, a strike followed hard upon the plant's opening
  • adverb With pain or distress or bitterness
    he took the rejection very hard
  • adverb To the full extent possible; all the way
    hard alee, the ship went hard astern, swung the wheel hard left