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  • However it is unknown whether they were killed or who killed them if it happened.
  • Development of this property happened quickly and led to much new growth in the city.
  • As soon as this happened, the town grew in population and business.
  • Indeed, he had played a major role in the changes that had happened across society.
  • It was not until this time that significant settlement of the territory happened.
  • One can say that the formation of communities happened because people lived in fear.
  • As this has happened the technology of the web has also moved on.
  • The same happened in many other German cities in the last two years of war.
  • The subject matter and the characters described events that happened long before medieval times.
  • The theater held the film over for six weeks, which had never happened before.
  • What happened to you among them that you are not on the side of the king, your lord?
  • This left many audience members not knowing what happened to his character.
  • Apparently, there was a plan to make her a regular character, but that never happened.
  • But they had no idea what was about to happen to them.
  • Then it began to happen at every single stop, at every single airport.
  • Often people do not remember what happened during this time.
  • The same thing happened the second night, and the third.
  • Then it can be generally agreed that is what happened.
  • A situation in which the winning candidate died has never happened.
  • He had not understood exactly what happened but knew he had seen a man die.
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Meaning of happen

  • verb Come to pass
    What is happening?, The meeting took place off without an incidence, Nothing occurred that seemed important
  • verb Happen, occur, or be the case in the course of events or by chance
    It happens that today is my birthday, These things befell" (Santayana)
  • verb Chance to be or do something, without intention or causation
    I happen to have just what you need!
  • verb Come into being; become reality
    Her dream really materialized