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  • It would be handier about a good many things than it is now. Cited from We Girls: A Home Story, by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  • After a while he discovered a handy method to continue his work.
  • Handy was noted for the number of training films that he produced over the years.
  • Knowledge of science and fine arts is also necessary, as it may come handy many times.
  • However his knowledge of the drug trade would sometimes come in handy.
  • You think that is handier than getting them put down into an account?-Yes. Cited from Second Shetland Truck System Report, by Guthrie
  • When they got to England, it would be much handier to take new names. Cited from The Continental Classics, Volume XVIII, Mystery Tales, by Various
  • On occasion he would stop off at any handy lake to try a little fishing.
  • When the father and son later are lost at sea, the bird comes in handy.
  • He is very handy with any type of farm animal, especially horses.
  • My law degree would also come in handy for the legal aspects of it.
  • He sort of learned what a woman uses, and how it's handiest. Cited from The Harvester, by Gene Stratton Porter
  • I got a good start and was handy the whole way.
  • At one point Handy was asked to "play some of our native music".
  • This helped him build a relationship network, which would become handy in later stages of his career.
  • As a boy he worked in the house of a farmer doing handy work.
  • These connections came in handy during his efforts to force the retirement of his father.
  • This skill frequently comes in handy, to get himself and his friends out of difficulty.
  • A division in two gives a handy piece of straight track.
  • May was also a handy batsman good enough to score a first-class century.
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Meaning of handy

  • noun United states blues musician who transcribed and published traditional blues music (1873-1958)