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  • Around this time, he also published several issues of a handwritten literary magazine.
  • The largest part of his works were self-published in handwritten form.
  • Handwritten text is added later by the artist and placed over the image.
  • Most of his works from this time period are in the form of letters or handwritten works.
  • The main prayer room next to this wall has many handwritten and painted books.
  • It has the oldest handwritten record book of any black church.
  • At the age of ten, he put out a handwritten literary journal with some of his friends.
  • Although it was rejected, she received a handwritten note telling her to keep writing.
  • These publications reached a larger audience than handwritten news had in early Rome.
  • His first story was in sixth grade for the handwritten class magazine.
  • Handwritten was most common because it could be used on anything and it could be put anywhere.
  • At twelve years of age he was student number eleven on the handwritten roll.
  • Handwritten or printed music is less important in other traditions of musical practice, however.
  • Another notable part of the museum's collection is made up of printed and handwritten rare books.
  • Because they had to be handwritten, books were previously rare and very expensive.
  • McCrae himself used either word when making handwritten copies for friends and family.
  • Each copy contained what looked like a handwritten note from Grant himself.
  • He sold the handwritten copies and used the money for his personal expenses.
  • A large section is dedicated to early production sketches and handwritten development notes.
  • The two-page letter was handwritten, using (nearly) all capital letters.
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