Halloween remake

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  • Faerch was cast in the Halloween remake as a young Michael Myers, performing his own stunts.
  • Due to his decision, the film Tyrannosaurus Rex was put on hold until after work on the second installment for the Halloween remake franchise was complete.
  • She is a fan of the lead actress in the latter two films Danielle Harris; the two later going on to appear together in the Halloween remake and its sequel.
  • Despite previously stating he would not direct a sequel for his Halloween remake, it was later announced he would be both writing and directing a sequel for the film, tentatively titled H2.
  • Recently, Haig reunited with Rob Zombie once again, albeit briefly, in the director's Halloween remake, in the role of cemetery caretaker Chester Chesterfield.
  • His most recent credits include Sweet Home Alabama, Dorm Daze (which he also executive-produced) and Desolation Canyon, as well as a cameo in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake.