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  • During the tour, she stated that she was only halfway through her world tour.
  • There were three line-up changes with two of the original members leaving halfway through.
  • Your heart will break halfway through episode six as it all falls apart.
  • Before he can get halfway there, he must get a quarter of the way there.
  • Due to technical problems, a sound line broke down halfway through the show.
  • The village school, halfway up the hill, was built at this time also.
  • The main police & fire department headquarters building is halfway between the two.
  • Halfway through their final season he was added to the opening titles as a series regular.
  • The club house stood at the halfway line on the south side.
  • They would still have to wait another six years until they finished above halfway in a league table.
  • They will have to park halfway up the mountain in the future.
  • The match was called to a stop halfway through the second round.
  • The position of the second bridge was approximately halfway between the original and the present day bridge.
  • So far, the campus is only halfway developed and is considered building room for the future.
  • His name is not mentioned until about halfway through the book.
  • There is also general store halfway between the top of the hill and the beach.
  • About halfway through the script it started to make sense why they chose me.
  • Before he can get there, he must get halfway there.
  • He explained that halfway through a story, he would write the final sentence.
  • These are now called cross-quarter days since they fall about halfway into each of the English quarters.
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Words starting with halfway

Meaning of halfway

  • adverb At half the distance; at the middle
    he was halfway down the ladder when he fell