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  • Most members of this family have hairy leaves.
  • Male legs are most often hairier than female legs.
  • The stems are tall, with short but broad green leaves wide, which are slightly hairy.
  • They are usually red and densely hairy with slender legs, sometimes very long.
  • The leaves are alternate, and some species can be slightly hairy.
  • Hair whorls occur in most hairy animals, on the body as well as on the head.
  • The plant is roughly hairy and the flowers are about long, light blue and are grouped together.
  • Female flowers are yellow and are at the end of a long, white hairy stalk.
  • They have no visible eyes or ears; in fact, they are blind - the small eyes are covered with hairy skin.
  • Each time one opens a door, a large, hairy arm slams the door shut.
  • Some of these differences are sex specific, like hairy ears.
  • Stems are brown to reddish-brown, round in cross-section and sometimes hairy.
  • Even though this causes the arms to appear hairy, it is not caused by testosterone.
  • After the story of the Hairy Hands appeared in the national press, several investigations were carried out into the road.
  • He has stated that his out pitch during his high school baseball years was the Cuban hairy palm ball.
  • This appears to relate best to the number of hairy cells, and not to different forms of treatment.
  • The adult plant is one to three feet in height with hairy, rough leaves about a centimeter wide.
  • It has soft hairy new growth that becomes hairless with age.
  • My stem is erect, I stand up in bed, hairy somewhere down below.
  • The plant can be either a smooth dark green or a hairy dark grey-green, with many gradations in between.
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Meaning of hairy

  • adjective Having or covered with hair
    Jacob was a hairy man, a hairy caterpillar