hairy head

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  • His large hairy head went from right to left. Cited from My Double Life, by Sarah Bernhardt
  • I caught a glimpse of a long brown body and a hairy head. Cited from Frenzied Fiction, by Stephen Leacock
  • The great hairy head was black, but the stocky body was as white as a polar bear. Cited from A Columbus of Space, by Garrett P. Serviss
  • At the moment when the thought of her isolation thus appeared to her more poignant than ever, she felt a bearded and hairy head glide between her hands, upon her knees. Cited from Notre-Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo
  • The long gorilla arms contracted, the hairy head sunk forward in the tenseness of a serpent ready to strike. Cited from The Mystery, by Stewart Edward White and Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • The moon was shining faintly upon the snow, and there was a sharp frost in the air when Paul Jespersen put his hairy head out of the street-door and reconnoitred the territory. Cited from Boyhood in Norway, by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
  • They sat near him, one on the one side, the other on the other, and Fido laid his great hairy head on the knees of his master and looked on so wisely, that it seemed he, too, would want to tell all that happened during the day. Cited from The Three Comrades, by Kristina Roy
  • Fruit: A dry, hairy head stalked in calyx. Cited from Wild Flowers, by Neltje Blanchan
  • "Hook?" quoth Joel, shooting great, hairy head forward. Cited from Black Bartlemy's Treasure, by Jeffrey Farnol
  • "Ach, my very goot vriend!" cried Von Baumser heartily, suddenly protruding his hairy head into the room and smiling benignantly. Cited from The Firm of Girdlestone, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The colour of his face was yellow, of an earthy shade; the cheeks were sunken, the back long and narrow, and the hand upon which he leaned his hairy head was so lean and skinny that it was painful to look upon. Cited from Best Russian Short Stories, by Various
  • One grisly old wolf-dog alone, with the liberty of an indulged favourite, had planted himself close by the chair of state, and occasionally ventured to solicit notice by putting his large hairy head upon his master's knee, or pushing his nose into his hand. Cited from Ivanhoe, Walter Scott [#1] OBI/Wiretap/Gutenberg
  • As he spoke the King waved his paw toward the boy, and at once the pretty curls and fresh round face and big blue eyes were gone, while in their place a fox's head appeared upon Button-Bright's shoulders -- a hairy head with a sharp nose, pointed ears, and keen little eyes. Cited from The Road to Oz, by L. Frank Baum
  • And the minister, Rafael's friend, the only auditor left on the Blue Bench, pressing his huge paunch against the desk, turned his head -- an owlish, hairy head with a sharp beak -- to smile indulgently on the young man. Cited from The Torrent (Entre Naranjos), by Vicente Blasco Ibanez