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  • His hairy feet are said to give him the ability to walk without being heard.
  • Some men are very hairy, while others have no chest hair at all.
  • He even described a hairy man of about thirty years.
  • The leaders among them were those who had a tail and were hairy.
  • In addition, she is also the hairiest individual and has a large amount of hair on her head and back.
  • Men are four to five times more likely to develop hairy cell leukemia than women.
  • He claimed to have only seen the man's arm, which he described as "hairy."
  • They were hairy and so tall that they could walk in the sea and threw rocks from one mountain to another.
  • As it stands, the proper name of their species appears to be Hairy Men.
  • The leaves are usually opposite, simple, and in many species hairy, often densely so.
  • Caterpillars of this family are large in size and are most often hairy, especially on their sides.
  • They are hairy insects with their colour ranging from a near-white to near-black.
  • In the wild, hairy and smooth forms of otherwise identical plants are seen together.
  • The head is short and broad and the tail is hairy, with many small scales no more than wide.
  • The footballer described the South American animal as "my slightly more hairy brother!"
  • The leaves are slightly hairy, and grow up to long.
  • The male has much hairier legs than the female.
  • However, they do appear to have hairy arms in Episode IV.
  • The upper part of their head is hairy.
  • It has bright red but small and obscure flowers, and very soft, deeply divided, hairy leaves.
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Meaning of hairy

  • adjective Having or covered with hair
    Jacob was a hairy man, a hairy caterpillar