had become too

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  • The works were advanced too far, and had become too strong for him. Cited from Peter the Great, by Jacob Abbott
  • The republic at home had become too small for the great general. Cited from Mohammed Ali and His House, by Louise Muhlbach
  • They believe that the federal government has become too large and powerful.
  • And long since it had become too little for the things they sought to do. Cited from The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth, by H.G. Wells
  • The fire had become too hot for him, and he thought it best to escape. Cited from Can You Forgive Her?, by Anthony Trollope
  • The world of literature has become too large for such authority. Cited from Samuel Johnson, by Leslie Stephen
  • After about one hundred years, this church, too, had become too small.
  • Already by the mid 19th century, the school had become too small.
  • He argued that the pressure from all sides had become too much for him.
  • This hospital had become too small for the requirements of the growing population. Cited from The Great Intendant, by Thomas Chapais
  • This sort of thing had become too frequent, and it must be stopped. Cited from Moody's Anecdotes And Illustrations, by Dwight L. Moody
  • The pain of life had become too real to him. Cited from Love's Pilgrimage, by Upton Sinclair
  • The newer church was built because the old one had become too small.
  • The library was useful but within a few decades of use had become too small.
  • That would mean that we had become too serious. Cited from How To Study and Teaching How To Study, F. McMurry
  • The world has become too big to be governed by one power.
  • Some say the schools have become too scientific, too detached from real-world issues.
  • She said she had left the Republican Party because it had become too conservative.
  • The local community however had become too invested in the theatre to let it go.
  • The problem had become too deep for him. Cited from His Sombre Rivals, by E. P. Roe
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