had become popular

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  • Because of its success it has become popular with many professional and college teams.
  • This term has become popular to use as a label for various things.
  • Apart from it there also few school who has become popular in these days.
  • In less than a week she had become popular and independent. Cited from Pushing to the Front, by Orison Swett Marden
  • That is why his books have become popular, especially among the Russian youth.
  • These materials have become popular and are sought-after by the public.
  • The character has become popular in terms of his appearance.
  • The song has become popular in pop culture, and has been performed live many times.
  • Many Dutch artists have become popular by singing songs in their own language.
  • The game has become popular throughout the US and other countries.
  • However, T and non-T do not seem to have become popular though.
  • Many of his songs have become popular on the islands.
  • And yet, his color system has become popular and is still been used worldwide today.
  • In recent years the species has become popular in North American media.
  • They had become popular enough that they could only play at large halls now.
  • A couple of songs from the film had become popular.
  • His musical works have become popular in Latin America over the last few years.
  • These activities have become popular especially in recent times.
  • This version does not appear to have become popular, for no other edition seems to have been published. Cited from 1000 Nights and a Night, Vo1. 13, Tr. by Burton
  • The road in recent years has become popular with learning drivers in the city.
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